Digital Maintenance Trading

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Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 redefines the server category, delivering hundreds of new features and enhancements spanning virtualization, networking, storage, user experience, cloud computing, automation, and more. Windows Server 2012 helps you transform your IT operations to reduce costs and deliver a whole new level of business value.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Get business-class email, calendar, and contacts delivered on your PC, phone, and browser.
With a simplified approach to high availability and disaster recovery, achieve new levels of reliability and reduce complexity, while protecting sensitive and confidential information.

                                                         Microsoft Exchange Online

Work smarter, anywhere, with hosted email for business
Get business email, calendar, and contacts on your PC, phone, and web browser
Run email on Microsoft globally redundant servers
Stay protected by anti-malware and anti-spam filters. 

Connectivity Solutions

We provide comprehensive Broadband connections

VDSL, DSL, Wireless, Wimax and Fibre

Capped and Unshapped

Uncapped and Shaped

Uncapped and Unshaped Business (static IP)


Online Services

eMail : POP3, iMap and SMTP

email : Office 365 (Hosted Exchange)

Webhosting Solutions

site to site VPN

Load Balancing

Firewall  (Cyberoam Partner)


In-house Server or Cloud roll Out

We provide computer maintenance and support for existing or upcoming networks.

Network planning, Cabling, Rack installation

Connectivity, Firewall, Server and Desktop set-up

Cloud Hosting: Server, Exchange and data

Outsourcing Reduces Costs

Why not out source your iT requirements insuring 'staff' that is always available

We tailor to your requirements

Full time, half day, weekly onsite techi

Techi on call

Sales, Support and Repairs of most brands
We are affiliated with most well-known brands and fully support our sales


Software and Licencing


Networking components